From 1 April 2019, a new type of plugs and sockets for connection of ceiling lamps in the EU applies. The standard that regulates this is based on an EU directive aimed at increasing security and facilitating trade in the European market. As a result, we no longer send plugs with our ceiling and pendant lights, but sell them separately. Below is a guide on how to mount both the new and old plugs:


Buy the ceiling plug that suits your home. Choose between the old model or the new DCL plug with or without earth. For a home completed April 1, 2019 or later, you will need a DCL plug. Then follow the description below, the assembly is done in the same way even if you have 2-wire or 3-wire.

DCL Socket
DCL lamp sockets are only installed with earth and for these sockets you can use both grounded and ungrounded ceiling contacts, 1904300 or 1904301.

Older Socket - grounded
For this socket you can use both grounded and ungrounded roof contacts, 1904200 or 1904201..

Older Sockets – ungrounded
For this socket we recommend that you buy roof contact 1904200.

To mount, follow the steps below:

Here you will find our ceiling plugs