Our journey began in 1983 when Per-Anders Lindqvist founded the PR Store together with a partner. They started up an interior store that sold framed posters to decorate offices. It was a successful start where sales took off and after a few years, in 1988, they together with brother Lars-Åke Lindqvist decide to broaden their market. They want to reach a larger audience and open a shop on Allégatan, which is the main street in Borås. At the same time, the company changes its name from the PR Store to the PR Ram. (Frames) It became a great success for the store and another one opens up in Borås shopping center, Knalleland, 1991. In the coming years, PR collaborates with many famous artists and sells framed collectors' prints from for example Lasse Åberg, Ulrica Hydman Vallien and Lena Linderholm.

Around 2000, the company's focus begins to shift more and more from frames to lamps and lampshades. Because of this, PR Ram changes its name to the current name PR Home. Sales of lamps and lampshades start and the company steps upwards. The PR team is strengthened with a skilled sales force and talented and experienced colleagues who are passionate about PR Home. In 2016, the new office at Viared in Borås is openend. Today the company has a big passion for home lighting and consists of dedicated employees who take on challenges.

- Passion for interior 1983 -