We believe in creating long lasting products. We do this through timeless design, choice of colors, long-lasting relationships with customers and producers, environmental protection programs and sustainability projects to constantly develop and improve us.



    Our responsibility 

    We work daily to minimize our environmental impact at all our stages. For us, sustainable design is about developing long-lasting products that minimize the negative environmental impact. We recycle packaging materials as much as possible and try new materials that are good for us and the environment. The metals we use are mostly recycled and can be shaped into something new.

    Everything starts in the design phase of our product department in Borås. It is when we choose materials, colors, patterns and details that we can make the decisive choices that are then reflected throughout the chain. The focus right now is on expanding the use of sustainable materials. which is a challenge, but we are constantly looking for new sustainable materials and take part in the work and research that exists in the area.