How many light sources do you have in your room?

    Here we used…

    2 light sources

    7 light sources

    Add more light sources to get right the mood

    Lighting is important for creating a feeling in a room. With light we create variations. A tip is to keep in mind that the more light points you have, the easier it is to adjust the light. Instead of a few strong lamps, you create atmosphere and variety with different types of luminaires.
    By thinking about placement in different parts of the room and using different heights, you can easily create a cozier environment.

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    General lighting, also called ambient lighting, provides an area with overall, non-specific lighting and which radiates a pleasant brightness.

    General lighting allows you to use and see a space according to its function. Perfect when cleaning the room, for example.

    Below you see examples of general lighting:



    Mood lighting create a specific atmosphere or feeling in the room. Feel free to use several smaller lamps that scatter a diffused light in different places in the room.

    In addition to the pleasant light these lamps provide, it is also an opportunity to easily vary and add a personal touch to your interior.

    Below you see examples of different forms of mood lighting:



    Functional lighting, also called spot lighting or work lighting, is concentrated light on a limited area that makes various chores or work easier, for example when cooking, sewing, reading or working.

    Below are some examples of directional lighting: