Homely and cozy even outdoors!

    We want to be able to enjoy our garden and balcony from early spring until well into autumn. For that, we need lighting that brightens up and creates coziness in the darkness. Light strings in trees or on the balcony, creates a cozy atmosphere for all the festive occasions of the year.

    PR Home has a wide range and outdoor lighting for most needs, see a selection of our range below.

    Our outdoor favorites

    All outdoor lighting

    Pendant lamp outdoors

    We at PR Home believe that you should be able to have trendy and stylish lighting even outdoors and therefore offer several different pendant lamps for outdoor use. The material on the shades is made to be able to be placed outside even when it is raining. Now you have all possibilities to decorate your garden and terrace / patio with a nice pendant lamp. Buy a trendy lamp in rattan or a rustic pendant lamp in dirt- & water-repellent linen.

    Decorate with light strings

    Create a wonderful outdoor environment with our light strings that are made to be outdoors. With a light string, you can in a easy but beautiful way create a real cozy atmosphere in your garden, on your terrace, on the balcony or in your patio. Let your creativity flow with different models and colors that you can mix and match.

    Poly rattan with feeling

    Braided artificial rattan that creates a beautiful play of light and a warm feeling regardless of the weather. Our polyrattan lamps are not only incredibly beautiful. They are also functional and durable for many seasons to come. Poly rattan is a material that can be placed outdoors all year round, summer and winter.

    Stylish facade lighting

    Our wall lamps for outdoor use has a clean design and fit most houses and styles. They are of a high quality and are both elegant and functional. Our facade lighting gives light to your walls on your house, at your entrance and on your garage.