– trends & styles we decorate with

    New season means new looks and trends to fall in love with.
    2023 is a year when we dare to be more courageous with our interior. We allow ourselves to be inspired by colorful, pattern-rich and unique design much more than in previous years, but we still manage to find the perfect balance between contrasts, materials, playfulness and calm vibes in our homes.


    Splashes color
    & accents

     This spring, invite lovely splashes of color that lift the decor in your home, preferably shades from the trendy colors blue, green and red. Combine this with earthy tones and material choices and you easily create a spring home that breathes harmony, playfulness and trend.

    Bring in more joy, more energy and the best way to do that is through color.

    & recycled materials

    Sustainability is becoming more important and will be an obvious interior design trend in 2023. We decorate with a sense of craftsmanship, genuineness and smart choices for our planet. It’s about finding new interpretations within our own interior design where new and old meet. Feel free to mix that perfect flea market find or the inherited drawer together with the new lamp that ties together the entire expression in the room.

    With inspiration
    from the nature

    The time in the forest and nature during the pandemic years has meant that we not only want to surround ourselves with earthy tones and greenery, but also that the interior design has drawn inspiration from nature’s various plants. During the spring, we will get to see lamps inspired by the forest’s small mushrooms, the garden’s flowers, and natural materials that never go out of style.


    & contrasts

    Contrasts and material mix, 2023 is very contrasting in many different ways. Strict versus messy, soft versus hard, vintage versus new. Mixing different materials, colors and patterns gives your interior a lively expression.

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